Elevated (Off The Drugs) [Prod. By TIMØTHËUS]

by T.R.3



Verse 1
I told God I'll be back in a second
Time the only thing of essence
I was reincarnated just to teach you niggas lessons
Emphasis on the niggas
Black America
Racist ain't never fairing us
Money for the richest
The odds are never comparing us
Spare us from the evil thats
Striking out all the people
Drink the water
Niggas thirsty for a come up
But it's free
Why barter
Bitch I just bought new starter
Ignite the soul with a lil passion in dark
Line driving with my spirit
Home run
No parking in my lot
Trapping on the corner
I can get you high up on your block
I can heal you
No PhD
And You ain't even gotta cop
It's free

Thinking to myself why try
differentiate with demons when I look me in the eye
Down holy water cause my spirit want to fly
Cause I know that's it's a start of new adventures when I die
Take a dive in the vessel waves
Cause you Gotta know the worse to meet better days

I ain't popping pills no more
I ain't drinking lean no more
I ain't eating flesh no more
But you know I stay high everyday
I been off the drugs

I ain't popping seals no more
I ain't dropping tabs no more
I ain't with the bad vibes no more
But you know I stay high everyday
I been off the drugs

Verse 2
Off the technology
If you want sovereignty
Pokemon go and let government catch ya for lesser than pennies
Download got you proud
Feeding the fema
From devilish leaders
They making you slaves and the prison your house
Them 4 walls ain't freedom
Destroy em and leave them
Change is the only thing constantly changing the mental
Like we didn't know that this vessel for rental
My dental was blessed and I will not mislead you
The people want truth
Mainstream lie and deceive you
Religion so evil  cause they just divide
Add it up
This is not seen with 2 eyes
Close em
Open your 3rd eye and see 4th dimension
Stop bitching bout money and physical living
It's numerology
Subtract the ego and you'll see the difference


released September 7, 2016



all rights reserved


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